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Indoor Golf Simulators Can Help Morale and Improve Business

Indoor Golf Simulators and Happy EmployeesCreating a positive and productive work environment for employees should always be on the minds of executives. The Gallup Organization estimated that there are 22 million actively disengaged employees costing the economy as much as $350 billion dollars per year in lost productivity including absenteeism, illness and other low-morale issues. Creating positive morale is accomplished through a diversified approach to relationship building, recognition and compensation. Management that implements the innovation and ideas of employees reinforces their sense of value. Mini-meetings or morning huddles will highlight the tasks to be accomplished while recognizing previous weeks’ successes. This can also be achieved through increasing the frequency of interaction among team members, providing opportunities to discuss group goals, and by developing a healthy sense of competition against other teams.

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Four Tips for Email Marketing!

Indoor Golf Emaling

For many indoor golf business owners, email marketing is one of the most little understood forms of online outreach—but it doesn’t have to be! We believe indoor golf business owners all around the world could be getting a lot more value out of email marketing by following these four simple tips. Read More….


Are You in the Market to Purchase an Indoor Golf Simulator?

Indoor Golf SimulatorLooking to purchase an indoor golf simulator? It can be a confusing, timely and overwhelming process. As you might have already discovered, when conducting the research on the many (and we mean many) indoor golf simulators on the market today, you can be left with a sense of bewilderment at the end of the day.

Each indoor golf simulator manufacturer can offer you a variety of different models, each containing a different set of features and each priced at a wide range of levels. Some golf simulators may have features that you may, realistically, never use.  Other simulators may or may not provide the flexibility of adding special options at a later time.

We hope to offer some useful suggestions that might help you to narrow your search down to just a few golf simulator manufacturers before you decide on the one.

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Indoor Golf in the Gulf of Mexico!

Indoor GolfIndoor golf can be found in many places here on land and, in some cases, on large cruise ships. But now we are finding that the opportunity to play indoor golf can be found in such unique places such as an oil drilling rig.  The hard working folks on the deep water oil drilling platform, the Discoverer India, can now enjoy a round of golf on their very own indoor golf simulator. Squeezed into the tight quarters of this impressive technological marvel of a ship is an area designated specifically for indoor golf.

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Turning Happy Customers into Fans!

Indoor Golf Fans

Passionate, loyal fans are the lifeblood of every successful indoor golf business—but it can be tough to get people to care about your business when you’re always on the go, when you’re interacting with dozens of people each day, and when you don’t get to spend much time with individual customers.

How can you connect on a deeper level with customers when you don’t interact with them for longer than the time it takes to get them set-up on the indoor golf simulator, take their order if you serve food and then move on to the next customer? Let’s look into some proven methods of turning customers into loyal fans.

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