Indoor Golf Association

About Us


Welcome to the Indoor Golf Association (IGA)! We are grateful that you are here. The sole purpose of the IGA is to get more people involved in the exciting and growing sport of indoor golf. That purpose extends to both the facility owner that is looking to maximize the attendance at their indoor golf business to the many golfers looking to keep their swing in tune regardless of the weather or time of the day. It is our goal to provide quality editorial content and general news specific to the indoor golfing community worldwide.


We understand that the IGA community will consist of a very broad range of business owners as well as millions of golfers looking for a variety of indoor golfing services. From the golf professional that owns an indoor golf instructional facility to the owner of a bowling center featuring indoor golf as a venue, we look to reach out to you all! We would want to hear from you as to what you would like to read about on the IGA website. We look to you to provide as much feedback as possible since, well, that’s the only way we’ll offer fantastic content! Have a burning question about your indoor golf business? Know someone you think we should talk to? Want to share your personal story and business know-how with the rest of the indoor golfing community?


We’re all ears and would love to hear what you’ve got. Use the form on our Contact Us page to shoot us a question or piece of advice to share. We look forward to your involvement by enriching the indoor golfing community with your questions and ideas!