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Indoor Golf Simulators Can Improve Business

Indoor Golf Simulators Can Help Morale and Improve Business

Indoor Golf Simulators and Happy Employees
Creating a positive and productive work environment for employees should always be on the minds of executives. The Gallup Organization estimated that there are 22 million actively disengaged employees costing the economy as much as $350 billion dollars per year in lost productivity including absenteeism, illness and other low-morale issues. Creating positive morale is accomplished through a diversified approach to relationship building, recognition and compensation. Management that implements the innovation and ideas of employees reinforces their sense of value. Mini-meetings or morning huddles will highlight the tasks to be accomplished while recognizing previous weeks’ successes. This can also be achieved through increasing the frequency of interaction among team members, providing opportunities to discuss group goals, and by developing a healthy sense of competition against other teams.

A round of indoor golf offers the ideal forum for those mini-meetings and work place discussions. Offering league play and tournaments can also help to instill a sense of friendly competition among various departments within your organization.

Increasing employee morale should be a multi-pronged pursuit. Installing an indoor golf simulator can help to implement that multi-pronged effort by creating a work place environment that provides for friendly competition, a place to discuss work place issues and finally increase the frequency interaction among managers and team members.

To help prevent morale challenges, managers can spend time during a game of indoor golf communicating their vision to ensure it is understood. Effective managers communicate widely and allow their messages to be discussed. By providing an open forum or allowing one-on-one time, employees can express concerns and feelings and also give input on business developments; creating collaborating and supportive workforces. According to the Supervisory and Management Training Institute, managers and employees need to feel a sense of attachment to their work, because both then will care about the quality of the output.

And just how it is important for upper management to be constantly communicating and listening to employees the company must also be constantly communicating to its customer base. What better place to close a deal or to build business relationships than a round of indoor golf on a famous golf course in the comfort of your own golf room. Increasing employee morale and interacting with customers can significantly increase productivity, sales and ultimately lead to an increase in bottom line profits.

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