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Are You in the Market to Purchase an Indoor Golf Simulator?

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Looking to purchase an indoor golf simulator? It can be a confusing, timely and overwhelming process. As you might have already discovered, when conducting the research on the many (and we mean many) indoor golf simulators on the market today, you can be left with a sense of bewilderment at the end of the day.

Each indoor golf simulator manufacturer can offer you a variety of different models, each containing a different set of features and each priced at a wide range of levels. Some golf simulators may have features that you may, realistically, never use. Other simulators may or may not provide the flexibility of adding special options at a later time.

We hope to offer some useful suggestions that might help you to narrow your search down to just a few golf simulator manufacturers before you decide on the one.

The reasons for purchasing an indoor golf simulator for a business can be very different than the reasons behind purchasing one for your home. In this segment we will focus our efforts in helping you to make the best investment decision in your purchase of a golf simulator for your own private use.

Establishing a Budget for a new Indoor Golf Simulator

Establishing your budget is the most important factor in beginning your search. Figuring out exactly what you want to spend on a new indoor golf room will narrow down your list of potential make and models for your space.

There exist in this industry a very wide range of sticker prices for the many simulators out there. Generally, the prices range from a few thousand dollars (or less) to upwards of around $70,000.00 per unit. Keep in mind that the less expensive model could meet your needs just fine. The more expensive machine isn’t necessarily better for your specific needs but, in your case it may be the better choice. That will ultimately be up to you to decide. By deciding on what you want to spend can eliminate a lot of what is available to the would-be-buyer.

The cost of buying an indoor golf simulator doesn’t stop with the purchase price of the system however. That is just the beginning of your initial list of expenses. When creating your budget you will also need to consider freight and installation expenses.

Freight expenses have been on the steady rise since the great recession and shipping an indoor golf simulator can be expensive. Indoor golf simulators typically include a computer, projector, putting carpet, hitting screen, the electronics that measures ball flight and/or club head swing and finally the booth. The materials that create the booth can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but typically the booth will consist of a metal frame and fabric. In some cases the booth is made of wood sections pieced together. When all is packaged your freight cost can run from $300.00 to several thousands of dollars depending on what make and model you choose. Freight to a residence is typically more expensive since a delivery truck with a lift gate is required as well as a smaller truck to better navigate tight residential roads. So don’t hesitate to ask the sales person what you can expect in terms of the freight expenses.

Once your order arrives then you will need to contend with the cost of installation. Some manufacturers insist that they conduct the installation while others do not. Regardless, this is an expense that needs to be considered when installing an indoor golf system into your home. And depending on the location and look you want to achieve in your new indoor golf room, installation costs will vary.

Installing a golf system in your garage can help keep the expenses at a minimum, whereas adding it to your new custom home as a full entertainment center can drive the expense up quite a bit. Once you have narrowed down the indoor golf simulator of choice be sure to get an idea from the manufacturer as to what will be involved in the installation. You may need to contact the following contractors to assist in making the installation progress in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Some indoor golf simulators can be complicated to install while others can be done on your own. Various specialists may be needed, depending on your level of creativity and handiness. You might want to get bids from an interior designer, general contractor, carpet layer, carpenter, electrician and AV specialist if you plan to use the simulator as a full entertainment center. Just make sure the manufacturer will be fully available to assist in the event you have any questions.

Indoor Golf Simulator – Recreation vs. Learning Tool

Another important category to consider when deciding on the make and model of an indoor golf simulator is whether your objective is recreation or instruction.

If you want the simulator more for recreational usage with family and friends then you can eliminate the need for fancy and expensive swing analysis software and focus instead on the course selection. Granted, just about all of the indoor golf simulators on the market today will provide, as standard equipment, your basic ball flight data. So if recreation is your main objective, you will want to consider course selection, and the number of included golf games (skins, best ball etc.).

If you are looking for an abundance of swing data or even video feedback then you can expect to spend more for these features. Just keep in mind that these features alone may not help you in improving your game. Understanding the data and how to use it to correct your swing can be a complex task, sometimes requiring the skills of a golf instructor. If you are neither of these then it might be worth seeking a private lesson in-house and receiving expert advice to fine tune a swing.

So, if you are looking to purchase an indoor golf simulator and dreading the amount of time that it might take to wade through the many confusing options, try narrowing down your search criteria.

If you can narrow your indoor golf simulator search down in terms of what you want to spend and what you want to get out of your new investment, then you can decrease the research time and confusion substantially.

We would like to hear from you regarding your own personal experience with researching indoor golf simulators for your home. Please complete the form here to share any tips and tricks that you’d like to pass on to others!