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These are some tools for building and growing a business. If you have found a useful resource for building your business we would like to hear from you. Or, if you need help in a certain area of starting or marketing a business be sure to check back here often for updates!

Starting an indoor golf business can be an overwhelming endeavor. Many questions are often asked such as “How do I finance the new business?”, “Once I open my doors how do I get the word out about my new business?” We hope to address some of your questions by providing links to various organizations that might be in a position to assist you in providing the answers to your many questions.


Financing is available to you in many forms. You can call on private investors (family, friends, business associations etc.) or contact your bank for a loan. Another option might be the Small Business Administration (SBA). To learn more about what the SBA has to offer click on this link: Keep in mind that the SBA and your bank will require a complete and thorough business plan be put into place prior to loan approval. Having a business plan will help to reduce risks as well as highlight the areas of opportunity for success in your new business.


To build your audience of super-fans and loyal indoor golfers, you’ll want to build up the following resources:
•A strong online presence
•An active email list
•Active social media accounts
We hope to offer some advice on our website about what content is appropriate for each resource; here are the tools you’ll need to establish these resources.


A strong website is key for helping you to grow your indoor golf business. Building a website from the ground up can be a difficult and challenging task. We can offer you a variety of listing options in our directory (url to the IGA directory page) that will help you communicate with your current and future customers. Contact our support team to learn more about what is available to you through the IGA directory listing programs.
If creating and building your own website is something that you want to do here are some resources to assist you in getting started:
Website Hosting
When you own your own domain, you need a site host to store the files.

  • Bluehost website hosting: Bluehost is affordable and has fantastic customer service. We use Bluehost and are happy with the service.
  • WordPress Websites
    • WordPress is the #1 website publishing platform. There are lots of free and paid templates available, and you have endless freedom to tweak your website recipe.
    • WordPress: Downloads for the WordPress installation, templates, and help
    • Thesis: Drag-and-drop WordPress themes
    • WooThemes: Stylish premium (and a few free) templates
  • WordPress Alternatives
    • Here are some other DIY website provider solutions, if WordPress isn’t right for you.
    • SquareSpace: Mobile-optimized websites and hosting in one

Email Mailing List Tools
Email lists are a great tool for letting your favorite customers know about exciting new developments in your business.


•AWeber: The broadcast email service provider
•MailChimp: Another broadcast email service provider
Social Media Tools
As you probably imagined using social media as a marketing tool can result in increasing traffic to your doorstep. But using social media correctly is the key to success in getting people to talk about your indoor golf business.
Scheduling Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Posts
Scheduling posts in advance is a great way to keep your social media account active throughout the day, without needing to interrupt the management of your business during the day.
Other Social Tools
These tools help you tailor your social content to better serve your audience.

Tools to Help Run Your Business

Staying on top of a small business is hard. These are a few tools to consider using for staying organized.
Document Management
Keep your inventory lists and schedules as well as any used checklists hosted in the cloud—that way you can access them from anywhere and at anytime.
File Syncing Tools
•Dropbox: Sync files between all your computers, your mobile devices, and share with colleagues
•Box: A Dropbox alternative
Online Documents
•Google Drive: Create and store documents, including spreadsheets, word processing, and presentations completely online
•Drive Template Gallery: Free templates, including balance sheets, time cards, and inventory lists
Mobile Payment Services
More and more patrons are moving away from cash. Here are solutions for accepting credit payments.
On the Go
In addition to these solutions, check with your individual commercial banker to see if your bank offers any solutions.
•Intuit GoPayment